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Birmingham, UK


Hi I'm Rebecca and I run Daisy & Fred.  I've been making cakes for about 5 years. I started making cupcakes and eventually got into making novelty cakes.


When I got married in 2013, I was planning to create a beautiful vintage, five tier wedding cake for my husband and myself.  He, however, had other ideas; he wanted a Star Wars themed wedding cake with a Chewbacca in a suit as a topper and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (he shares his name with the actor that plays Chewbacca and my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast – so quite fitting) I said “No Way!!!” but I felt so bad that I made him a surprise groom's cake.  I was really pleased with how it turned out so I sent a picture of the cake to Peter Mayhew A.K.A Chewbacca @TheWookieeRoars and he liked it so much that he re-tweeted it to his 149,000 followers! Ever since then I've had orders coming in from as far afield as Hawaii and Japan! Sadly, I can't cater for anyone outside of the UK.


Daisy & Fred was born from the demand for the more unusual wedding cake. What wedding guest will forget the Batman cake or the wedding where the couple had a Tardis for a cake?


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